Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Program Pictures

Photobucket did not do a good job downloading our slideshow to the blog, so we are listing individual pictures for your enjoyment.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


From the Pastor

As I spent time celebrating an early Christmas with my wife and children last evening, I couldn't help but be touched by the fact that I believe that I am the most blessed individual on the face of the planet. Everyday, God extends His mercy and grace into my life and I realize how I am truly loved. There is no greater time of the year to stop and take an assessment of God's gifts than during Christmas. His gifts rarely come wrapped in ribbons and bows, but they are seen in the beauty of friends and family. Take time this year to be thankful for the most precious gift ever given - His Only Begotten Son. It's never too late to receive this gift with gratitude and love. Merry Christmas to one and all!

Joy to the World!

Our annual Christmas Musical was entitled, Joy to the World! It truly was a joyous day as the Lord broke through and blessed our celebration of His birth. The choir, musicians and actors did an excellent job presenting the Christmas story to a crowd of 170.
Thanks to everyone who made this day special. We hope to show you more pictures of the day as they are submitted for publication.

The Care Package

The Care Package Food Pantry, a ministry of CCC, was active this holiday season in distributing food to the needy. This month's distribution broke records and the Lord blessed us to have enough food to help those who stood in line for over an hour in 30 degree temperature.
Through God's help we were able to supply over 450 people with food for the holiday. This is the largest number of people we have ever helped at one time. We give honor to God for His grace and provisions.
The need continues to grow. We are desperately looking for more contributers to fund this ministry. 100% of all the money received is used to purchase food. If you would like to donate to this ministry please contact us at: (205) 553 - 9413.

Stuffed Animal Give-Away

Derry Meade and crew were blessed to organize and participate in another Stuffed Animal Give-Away. This ministry has continued to grow every year. The team was able to visit 7 nursing home & assisted living residence and distribute over 1200 stuffed animals to the residents. It was also a special time to share the gospel message with each visit and to wish those who are restricted by age and health a Very, Merry Christmas! Thanks to everyone who donate and participated in this endeavor.

Secret Sister Party '09

The ladies from CCC had a wonderful evening at their annual secret sister party. The event was hosted in the home of Yvonne Dewberry and the evening was a great celebration of food, fun and fellowship. Special thanks to Linda Griffith and Pamela Martin for putting the activity together. The ladies are looking forward to more of these great events in the near future.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. William Curry

Congratulations to 5 and Liz on their recent wedding. They make a great couple and truly the Lord has brought them and their families together. We are blessed to have this family as a part of our community of faith. May God richly bless their marriage for many years to come.

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Ron & Pamela would like to extend early Christmas greetings to everyone! There is no holiday like Christmas. Spending time with friends and family make this the perfect time of the year. Greater still, is the acknowledgement of Christ's coming and His redemptive work. We honor Him and invite everyone to find a joyous relationship with The Creator of all Life.

The True Light

The Gospel of John tells us that Jesus Christ is the True Light, who brings life and light to all who wander in darkness. Modern Christianity is filled with teachers and preachers who have abandoned sound teaching and doctrine. Things like modalism, iconaclism, eternal security, predestination, serpent seed and prosperity teachings have de-valued the work of Christ on the Cross and have confused some into believing heretical practices. One of the greatest hinderances to the Gospel has been the emergence of TV evangelism. In and of itself, not necessarily evil, but too many lazy Christians will watch Christian TV instead of reading their Bibles, and will accept anything that comes out of the mouth of false teachers just because they mention the name of Jesus or sing gospel music.

There's nothing wrong with listening to good sound TV minsters. But as a safeguard, why not use your Bible while you're listening to them as a guide to determine whether they are teaching sound doctrine. I enjoy hearing men like Billy Wilson, Jentzen Franklin, Tony Evans, David Jeremiah and Billy Graham. But if the words they speak are not Biblically based then I would not be willing to embrace their teaching.
Jesus came to bring light to a fallen world. He is the one and only True Light.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Welcome to our Family!

CCC would like to welcome Regan Curry White to our family. She is a beautiful, healthy girl and we are blessed to have her as a part of our family. Thank God for this precious little gift.